ood morning, everyone, and welcome to the middle of the week. This arrived rather quickly, yes? Well, this is what happens when you return from a long weekend. But perhaps it still feels like Monday morning? We have a solution for that problem — it is called quaffing cups of stimulation. So feel free to join us. Meanwhile, we have gathered some tidbits for you to peruse. Hope you conquer the world today and do keep in touch …

Gilead Sciences, which has struggled to develop cancer drugs, hired Dr. Alessandro Riva, a key Novartis oncology executive, to jump-start its efforts. The move was welcomed on Wall Street. “We believe the relatively high-profile hire signals an increasing focus in oncology, a welcome development, and expect Gilead to more aggressively pursue business development to build out a broader cancer pipeline,” writes Jefferies analyst Brian Abrahams.

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