ood morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. We hope the weekend respite was invigorating and refreshing, because that ever-demanding routine of meetings, deadlines, and the like has returned. Our routine, however, will be slightly different for the next few days as we bop around the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. Nonetheless, we are still accepting tips and foraging for interesting items. On that note, here are some tidbits. Hope you have a smashing day and do stay in touch …

Teva Pharmaceuticals was chastised by Wall Streeters for lowering its financial guidance once again, “further eroding what, in our view, was already limited management credibility,” according to Piper Jaffray analyst David Amsellem. And he called for a “major” management overhaul after noting the core generics business and brand-name drug business are overdue for a pick-me-up, especially as its all-important Copaxone multiple sclerosis drug faces generic competition.

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