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A Pfizer policy that prohibits employees from filing joint complaints and grievances violates federal law with the same “venom” as anti-union contracts that were commonplace nearly a century ago, an administrative law judge for the National Labor Relations Board ruled last week.

The drug maker had required employees to waive their rights to file class-action lawsuits as a condition of employment, which the judge determined runs afoul of the National Labor Relations Act. Instead, the company policy forced employees to pursue arbitration individually to resolve any disputes.

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  • When you work for Pfizer you give up your rights, even those protected by the Fourth Amendment. They can walk into your cubicle AFTER you’ve been hired and demand you take a random urine drug screen without probable cause. If you refuse you’ll be singing a version of the song “pack your trunk, evacuate your bunk, you’ve been fired, you’re retired” before the sun sets.

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