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Over the past few years, billions of dollars have been spent on new hepatitis C medicines because they could eliminate the virus in 90 percent or more of patients. But a new report finds that hundreds of cases of liver failure were associated with the drugs, and the authors suggest that regulators may have been too quick to embrace the treatments as a panacea.

Specifically, 524 cases of liver failure were found, along with another 1,058 reports of severe liver injury, according to side effects reports that were filed with the US Food and Drug Administration and reviewed by the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices. The nonprofit group also noted 761 instances in which the reported side effect was a failure of the medicines to combat the virus. The report arrives just three months after the FDA issued a warning that the drugs could reactivate hepatitis B.

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  • Facebook site has gone in less than a month from 3300 members to 17,400 with more joining everyday after one local 4minute clip aired in Philadelphia interviewing parents about altered behavior. This ingredient PEG is in high amounts in Hep-C drugs, beware.

  • Harvoni and other Hep C drugs contains PEG, polyethylene glycol.
    PEG is a serious toxin with over 17,000 adverse event reports filed with the FDA for that single ingredient.
    This is the pharmaceutical story of the century if anyone cares to listen.
    PEG works great as an over the counter laxative, because it is “POISON”. Most of you know it as Miralax. This drug is prescribed to children everyday across the planet with no real studies of safety in use in children. There are 3300+ parents on a FaceBook Site called,
    A myriad of serious complaints abound from seizures to OCD, facial tics, aggression, rage, meltdowns, Bipolar Disorder.
    Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Donald Marks with attorney Derek Braslow first published a paper about Peg-Inteferon in 2008 concerning reports of the drug and homicidal ideation.
    Two reports of six year old kicking out car windows, one in the US, one in Ireland…a fourteen year old boy killed his father after a short period on the drug two years later after Baker Acted on Miralax. The connection between the drug and behavior made too late. People do not understand how dangerous this drug is. In 2009 the FDA held an oversight board as a result of complaints, but no conclusive decision made…two years later in 2011 the FDA warned against POSSIBLE NEUROPSYCHIATRIC EVENTS.
    More people need to look into this drug and how it is harming the not so savvy consumer or for that matter the SAVVY consumer, “Who would think a ‘laxative’ of all things is dangerous?
    Poison (cousin to antifreeze-ethylene glycol) works great, guaranteed the body will immediately try to expel it, so yes…take a little poison, but to those I’m medicine…letters truly ‘inform’ those taking what I call a deadly drug.
    Oh yes when will the FDA & NIH funded study to CHOP, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia awarded $325,000 grant in 2014-where’s the study?????

  • Given that the drugs were touted as ‘90% effective,’ if memory serves, the data that they failed to have the expected effect is not totally surprising. Now the question is how much of this report was real data on side effects and how much will prove to be ‘alternative facts?’ Time will tell.

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