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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to yet another working week. We hope the weekend respite was refreshing and invigorating, despite the ongoing tumult stemming from the changing of the guard in a certain national capital. All the more reason to fortify yourself with a cup or more of stimulation as you set about conquering the world. Toward that end, we have assembled a few tidbits. Hope your day goes well and, remember, we accept leaks …

The pharmaceutical industry has been silent on the row over President Trump’s immigration ban, other than this tweet by Allergan chief executive Brent Saunders: The company “is strong & bold b/c of diversity. Oppose any policy that puts limitations on our ability to attract the best & diverse talent.” And as one consultant told STAT, such a ban would “definitely” have an impact on research.

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  • Memo to Brent: see if you find any common denominators in these pharma crooks:

    -Jason Chan
    -Sanjay Valvani
    -Bix Xu
    -Yu Zue
    -Tao Li
    -Yan Mei
    -Tian Xue
    -Lucy Xi

    Trump has brass balls but we’re too politically correct to discuss in polite company.

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