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Five months after drug makers began openly blaming pharmacy benefit managers for rising prices, these crucial middlemen in the arcane and complicated health care system are starting to fight back.

On Monday, the trade group representing pharmacy benefits managers, which negotiate prices on behalf of health plans and create lists of drug that receive preferred coverage, circulated a memo to its members outlining a six-point plan designed to push back against mounting criticism of their business.

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  • As a pharmvet I can say this is the most unholy alliance since John Looney ran the Rock Island Gang during the Depression.

    -Pharmaceutical Companies
    -In a few cases doctors

    To paraphrase Paul Newman, who played Looney in “The Road to Perdition”. none of them will see heaven.

  • This is outstanding Ed, especially the link to the actual memo!

    Now why is it that there is no similar memo from the PhRMA to its members? At least I am not ware of any. Can you find out please?

    Also, would it be possible for you to interview Express Scripts’ Stephen Miller based on this memo, since he has been very vocal last year?

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