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When it comes to medicines, value is often in the eye of the beholder.

A new analysis finds that what multiple sclerosis patients value in their medicines is generally overlooked by payers and doctors. As a result, drug companies subsequently disregard what matters most to patients, according to Real Endpoints, a research firm that conducted the analysis.


Specifically, the firm found that payers and physicians place much more emphasis than patients on the extent to which a medicine affects the progression of multiple sclerosis, prevents relapses, and the severity of any relapses.

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  • i see I now have to look harder to know a story is premium access before clicking through the emails. I clicked through this and the Axovant one only to hit the wall. Feels like I’ve been baited which I’m not happy about.
    I respect good journalism and am willing to pay my part, but even with the deals for the first year and first month free, it feels like I’ll be paying much more than what’s fair for one person given the potential audience of tens of thousands or more. I’ll pay full from day one, if the price feels reasonable given the potential audience size. Otherwise, no.

    • Hello Girish,
      Thanks for the note. Roger Longman has not yet activated his subscription, but I passed along your remark and he forwarded this reply:

      “The results are independent — interpretation, like all interpretations, is subjective. We think our interpretation reflects reality (and indeed very strongly accords with what plenty of others have written), but others might have different points of view. So we’re producing a white paper which will have all the data from the survey, plus the literature review — with bibliography — so readers can come to their own conclusions. ”

      Hope this helps
      ed at pharmalot

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