op of the morning to you, and a fine one it is as we approach the middle of the week. After all, getting to this point is an accomplishment, which means that a celebratory cup of stimulation is in order to help us move along. And why not? Just consider the alternatives. Meanwhile, another busy day lies ahead. On that note, here are some items of interest. Hope you have a smashing day and keep us in mind if you hear something juicy …

Novartis may face fines or a sales ban of up to six months on drugs sold in South Korea due to a bribery case, the Investor reports. South Korea’s Health Ministry plans to announce punitive measures against the Korean unit over allegations company executives illegally paid doctors kickbacks in return for prescribing its drugs. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety last week imposed a $177,000 fine and suspended sales of 12 drugs for three months.

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