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Everyone loves a winner, but who are they? Let us help you figure it out. Each Friday, we will provide a quick rundown of individuals or companies that accomplished something worth noting. But to be fair, we will also point out those who, well, had a rough time. And if you have a nomination, send us a note. We would not want anyone to feel left out, even the losers.


Pharma CEOs: Amid political upheaval, pricing uncertainty, and public backlash, it still pays to be a pharma chief. AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot made $16.3 million in total compensation last year, a 68 percent jump over his 2015 haul. Richard Gonzalez, CEO of AbbVie, brought in $21 million, while the leaders of Novartis and Roche each made about $12 million. In the next few weeks, we’ll learn how much the CEOs of Regeneron, Johnson & Johnson, and Allergan took home in 2016, too. Expect a great many zeros.


US-EU relations: The FDA signed a deal with its European counterpart under which each party will take the other at its word when it comes to inspecting pharma plants. That means that a facility vetted by one regulator won’t have to endure an audit from the other. In practice, that should save time and money for drug makers, the FDA said. And it has certain political benefits at a time when the agency is in the crosshairs of an administration that has vowed to take a machete to any and all red tape. How Brexit will affect this deal remains unknown, but that’s a problem for another day.

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