US Senator has come out against the appointment of Dr. Scott Gottlieb as the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration over concerns he is not sufficiently tough on thwarting the inappropriate use of opioid painkillers. And the move appears to be the first official opposition from a lawmaker to the nomination.

In a blunt statement Wednesday, Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) accused Gottlieb, a former FDA official, of failing to support the use of the various approaches the FDA can take to “minimize the risks to public health from the misuse of prescription opioids.”

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  • Sen. Ed.Markey needs also to see that the hard stand,on the so.called opioid crisis, will also bring out a bigger crisis,with the good American people who are more responsible with taking their pain meds and are not those who mix,sell,and take other forms of illegal drugs. . They are mixed in with the one.sided,everyone is guilty. Sen. Ed Markey should be considering,on how to help those in need. How to separate,the bad from the good. Regardless,if your good, many doctors live in fear of looking their license. So the have hard time ,giving those in in ,for chronic pain, etc..if this is the case ,I surely would vote for trumps new f.d.a. director.

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