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Everyone loves a winner, but who are they? Let us help you figure it out. Each Friday, we will provide a quick rundown of individuals or companies that accomplished something worth noting. But to be fair, we will also point out those who, well, had a rough time. And if you have a nomination, send us a note. We would not want anyone to feel left out, even the losers.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals: You know what they say: Make lemonade out of lemons. After enduring intense political heat over the $89,000 price tag it slapped on a recently approved rare disease drug, Marathon unexpectedly sold the medicine. But the company stands to come out way ahead. Marathon gets $140 million, plus another $50 million milestone payment and royalties for a decades-old steroid. Meanwhile, the company reportedly bought old data that formed the bulk of its marketing application for less than $1 million and spent anywhere from $6 million to $60 million on additional pre-clinical studies, but probably closer to the low end. And Marathon declined to sell a voucher it was awarded by the FDA along with the approval, which can be worth about $125 million. Not a bad deal, eh?

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  • A winner and a loser. Patrick Swailes Caldwell hoverboards his way around the stage as Martin Shrkeli in an updated off Broadway production named “Pharma Bro: An American Douchical”.

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