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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. We hope the weekend respite was refreshing and invigorating, because that all-too-familiar routine of meetings, deadlines, and whatnot has just returned in full force. To cope, yes, we are quaffing cups of stimulation — we are back to Southern Pecan for those keeping track — and invite you to join us. Firing up the neurons never hurts, you know? Meanwhile, here are some items of interest. Hope you conquer the world today and remind you to keep in touch. We enjoy hearing secrets …

Amgen, which last Friday presented data showing its Repatha cholesterol drug cuts the risk of heart attack and stroke, is offering discounts of 30 percent to 35 percent and believes this represents good value, Reuters reports. The drug maker is netting between $7,700 to $11,200 per annual treatment after discounts and rebates, but payers are looking for steeper givebacks.

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  • In the current state of affairs, will AMGEN actually be ‘… netting between $7,700 to $11,200 per annual treatment after discounts and rebates..’ or is that before the PBM’s take their cut? Is that what the consumer will be ‘paying’ or is that an irrelevant question?

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