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Everyone loves a winner, but who are they? Let us help you figure it out. Each Friday, we will provide a quick rundown of individuals or companies that accomplished something worth noting. But to be fair, we will also point out those who, well, had a rough time. And if you have a nomination, send us a note. We would not want anyone to feel left out, even the losers.


Scott Gottlieb: After a two-hour Senate confirmation hearing the other day, the policy wonk, industry consultant, physician, and venture capitalist looks like he will become the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Gottlieb may harbor notions about loosening some approaches FDA takes to reviewing or assessing medicines. And his ties to industry may be too close for comfort for many people. But he deftly handled a wide array of questions with aplomb and did a good job of avoiding missteps. Moreover, he is comparatively moderate when stacked against the other two names that were floated by the Trump administration. Both espoused radical views, which might have seemed like a deliberate tactic by a White House that was, otherwise, organized and politically calculating.


PhRMA: Well, sort of. The industry trade group came out looking good when Mallinckrodt resigned just before by-law changes would emphasize members are truly devoted to R&D and innovation. Belatedly, PhRMA is trying to get tough after appearing tone deaf when it was pointed out that some of its members have engaged in price gouging. The trade group isn’t saying whether Mallinckrodt was going to be shown the door and the company lamely blamed the time and money was better spent elsewhere. But the implication was clear. Nonetheless, PhRMA is going to have to do more than change by-laws to convince anyone it’s committed to keeping medicines affordable. More gougers should be tossed, even if their dues help pay for all that lobbying and advertising.

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