s the Trump administration siding with consumer groups over drug makers in the fight over patient access and patent rights?

The US trade representative on Friday released its annual 301 Watch List, which identifies and ranks countries based on their willingness to protect intellectual property. The annual list is of great concern to drug makers, which argue that some countries fail to sufficiently protect and enforce patent rights. As a result, they complain that revenues are hurt and innovation is discouraged.

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  • The headline doesn’t seem to quite go with the article? Seems like it should read, “is Trump admin siding with pharma?” since the 301 list is unchanged.

    • Hi Spring Texan,

      Thanks for writing. I agree that, since the 301 list is unchanged, it would not please consumer advocates. On the other hand, some appear to have expected the Trump administration to be less accepting of the TRIPS agreement. On that basis, there seems to be a pleasant surprise. And as the headline notes, its just one surprise.

      Hope that helps,
      ed at pharmalot

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