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Everyone loves a winner, but who are they? Let us help you figure it out. Each Friday, we will provide a quick rundown of individuals or companies that accomplished something worth noting. But to be fair, we will also point out those who, well, had a rough time. And if you have a nomination, send us a note. We would not want anyone to feel left out, even the losers.


Robert Coury: The Mylan chairman received a $97 million pay package last year and, meanwhile, countless families across America struggled to pay $600 for a package of two EpiPen devices. A portion was earned in previous years, but critics warn that some investors may be upset, especially since the stock tanked and there was earlier criticism of compensation. The EpiPen scandal prompted an antitrust investigation; a settlement over Medicaid rebates; more than 3,000 job cuts and a forecasted loss in sales. Coury was silent on these matters, but in the c-suite, it’s leadership that counts.

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