veryone loves a winner, but who are they? Let us help you figure it out. Each Friday, we will provide a quick rundown of individuals or companies that accomplished something worth noting. But to be fair, we will also point out those who, well, had a rough time. And if you have a nomination, send us a note. We would not want anyone to feel left out, even the losers.


Sanofi: If the company ever develops a Zika virus vaccine, it may get to charge whatever wants. The drug maker rejected a request from the US Army that any vaccine would cost Americans no more than folks in any other well-to-do country. Lawmakers, led by Senator Bernie Sanders, argue the Army should insist on fair pricing because Sanofi may win exclusive rights to the patents, which were developed with American taxpayer dollars. Of course, this may amount to much ado about nothing if Zika becomes less of a priority, but the larger issue in play is the extent to which drug makers may benefit from selling products that were developed with taxpayer funds.

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