bill that would allow the Maryland attorney general to take legal action against generic drug makers for price gouging became law on Friday by default, after Governor Lawrence Hogan Jr. declined to sign the legislation over constitutional concerns.

The outcome was praised by consumer activists, who decried a “Wild West” pricing atmosphere, but lambasted by the generic industry trade association, which maintained the law would have a “chilling” effect on competition and “no material impact” on lowering drug costs in the state.

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  • Hmm, I learned that competition leads to LOWER prices and “efficient markets”. Was that a lie? I’m in total shock now!

    Or is there some kind of cartelize market here? Again I’m in total shock!

    One way or the other markets don’t work for pharma. Time for the legislation (and maybe some prosecutors?) to scrub in?

  • Ed, this is classic Whack-A-Mole pharma style. Since most generics are multisource, as soon as Maryland nails one another will emerge.

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