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The city of Dayton, Ohio, has become the latest local government to file a lawsuit accusing several drug makers of fanning the opioid epidemic by allegedly downplaying risks and improperly encouraging prescribing of the addictive painkillers. At the same time, the city is also targeting a few large wholesalers and some doctors for failing to stop the widespread availability of the pills.

In discussing the lawsuit, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley argued that Dayton wants the companies to reimburse the city for various expenses that are regularly undertaken to the cope with the opioid epidemic. So far this year, city employees have responded to more than 1,800 calls related to suspected overdoses and are on track to more than double overdose-related responses from last year.

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  • Lets see if they censore us again..Truth,,,this is exactly what they did to the cigeratte makers,,to make is sooo expensive in lawsuits that tobacco manufacturers would stop selling cigs,,,this is exactly what their doing to pharma,,,useing parents of their 30 years old ,”babies,” who choose to abuse MEDICINE,, they exploit them,,to put the blame on thee pill,,no-one shoved that pill in that adults mouth,,or,,,”some,” phd’ers will lie on medical records,,to make themselves ,”look good,” or to prove their theories,,and document true Chronic physical pain human beings as ,”long term addicts,” or addicts,,,because they have physical pain,and have taken their MEDICINE as prescribed by their doctors,,,but by those ,”doctors,” lieing on medical records with the very word addict it add’s to all the FALSE DATA,, thus ,”upping addict data,” then,,more false data against the companies who make a MEDICINE that’s uses opiates in its chemical formula’s,,to justify sueing the companies,,or to fill-up the days of old Pennhurst,,ie,,warehouses full of cripple people in physical pain,,thus their pockets fill’d up,,,,By placing the blame on the manufacturers of opiate MEDICINE,, the hope is the same,,,to delete,to prohibition,,,of opiate MEDICINE,,, because it cost the manufactueres soo much money in lawsuits,,,they will stop making a MEDICINE,, that has literally been on this earth,,since the dawn of time,,,they want opiates gone,,they want their psych-wards filled,,,for money,,,again w/26,000 more dead…it never ever was about humane care,or ,”our lives,,,or our safety,,,it was always about fill their pockets,the money,,some shrinks,doctors can make of thee medically ill w/long term painful medical conditions,and arrogant men/women who think they have the in-humane rite to forced physical pain onto another human being,,,maryw

  • What’s next? Pharma companies covering the cost of drug rehabs, detoxes, halfway houses for addicts. Sorry guys, as the 12 steppers say YOU are responsible for your addiction, and your recovery. Big Pharma didn’t put that stuff up your nose or in your arm.

    • Oh, please do not bring 12 stepped into this. Of course individuals have some agency, but this is not just an individual issue with drug use; which needs to be addressed. But, this is also a political and social issue and these will also not simply go away with this lawsuit, but if these companies have been operating illegally and unprincipled they will have to be accountable for that.

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