ise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. Our harried routine is already underway, of course, although we are helped along this morning by a shiny sun and the soothing, rhythmic snores of the official mascots. Such a life. So, time to get cracking, as they say — hoist a cup of stimulation. As always, here are some tidbits. Hope you conquer the world today and please do pass along any tips, secrets and unredacted documents.

In statehouses across the country, and in Congress, Alkermes is pushing Vivitrol — a monthly shot used to treat opioid addiction — while contributing to misconceptions and stigma about other medications used to treat the problem, NPR informs us. Alkermes is using policy to promote its drug and, in some cases, hamper access to medications that can help and, in doing so, is looking to turn its drug into a blockbuster.

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  • Vivitrol costs $15,000/year. Oral naltrexone costs $40/year, which would probably make Vivitrol a prior authorization Tier 5 drug. Good luck on that one.

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