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It wasn’t too long ago that President Trump said drug makers are “getting away with murder.” But it sure sounds like he’s about to grant them a presidential pardon.

For months, Trump has kept these companies off balance with remarks that suggest he’s willing to consider ideas they find abhorrent in an effort to rein in drug prices. Now, though, his team is reportedly considering moves that would do little to address the problem — and would instead please the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • We have lot of wishful thinking. No one on the planet will lower their profits and they will get them by hook or crook. If we think that folks in the developing countries will buy expensive drugs when they cannot afford two square meals we must be from a different planet.

    Drug companies have a new mojo and that is hook the patient for a long time on expensive drug. Curing the patient is secondary. Continuous revenue stream is more important to the US companies. They have and exploiting Orphan Drug act. Everything (very few) that has been approved is expensive and for limited population. Approved drugs are expensive and even the doctors are balking.

    Lets us look at another aspect. US does not have the capability (trained manpower) and capacity (plants) to produce Active Pharma Ingredients. It will take time if that is to happen.

    Lowering drug prices needs out of the box thinking and new model. No one wants to go there. Life will go on and prices will rise. That is life! אַז איז לעבן

  • I must be dumb. How are they supposed to strengthen overseas monopoly rights for drug makers and extend patents for drugs in foreign countries?
    If that would be possible, companies would have already done it a long time ago!
    What is sure:“There is zero evidence that raising drug prices in foreign countries lowers them here,”

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