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Hello, everyone, and nice to see you again. We have returned from a lengthy weekend respite, which was rather enjoyable, we must say. We hope that the last few days were equally invigorating, regardless of your own activities. Now, of course, the time has come to turn to the usual busyness, so please join us for a cup or two of stimulation as we attack the to-do list. Hope your day goes well and please do keep in touch …

AstraZeneca chief executive Pascal Soriot sought to threaten and punish a key lieutenant, Luke Miels, by enforcing a 12-month notice period when Miels tried to defect to GlaxoSmithKline, according to court documents obtained by the Times of London. Soriot made a counteroffer and “became very angry” when Miels refused and threatened him over his visa in an attempt to unsettle his family life, Miels alleged.

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  • Ed, the story of Pascal Soriot reminds me of an episode of The Sopranos, and the fate of Eugene Pontecorvo, a lieutenant in the DeMeo crime family, who was also an FBI informant. When Eugene pleaded with his FBI handlers to let him resettle his family in Florida they refused. When Pontecorvo begged Tony to let him retire from the DeMeo Family so that he could move his family to Florida Tony’s refused. So Eugene did the next best thing, went home and hanged himself in his garage. Let us hope that a better fate awaits Luke Miels.

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