U.S. senator is trying to lower prices for medicines that are discovered with taxpayer dollars, and his effort amounts to a new twist to unraveling a complicated controversy that has embroiled the U.S. Department of Defense, large drug makers, numerous lawmakers, and consumer groups.

Late last month, Angus King (I-Maine) successfully added an amendment to a Defense Department funding bill that consumer groups say would effectively allow an end run around drug makers that priced products — which were developed with taxpayer dollars — higher than what is charged in seven other countries. The trigger would be determined by median prices and per capita income compared with the U.S.

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  • I believe Shrek will go for the well known ” Reverse Prozac Defense”. His lawyer will argue that subtherapuetic levels of fluoxetine in Bro’s blood caused him to commit the alleged deeds.

  • Hmm – Sanofi ” not pursuing the project for a “commercial return.” May I observe that I have my doubts?
    One is reminded of the old saw ‘”We are a non-profit corporation. That wasn’t the plan … it’s just the way things turned out.”

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