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In a setback for Gilead Sciences, a federal appeals court reinstated a whistleblower lawsuit filed by two former employees, who accused the company of misleading regulators about contaminated ingredients used in various HIV medicines and falsifying data to win marketing approval for the drugs.

In arguing their case, which was filed in 2010, the former employees alleged Gilead defrauded the government, because the company did not disclose its drugs were defective and, as a result, federal health care programs paid billions of dollars for contaminated medicines (you can watch the April argument here).

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  • Shame on you Gilead for false advertisement. I believed the statements you made that the only side effects of HARVONI were fatigue and a headache. Although I was never sick a day from Hep C and had it for 13 years without even knowing it, I thought it would be to my advantage to get rid of the virus. Boy was I wrong!!!
    I feel lucky to still be alive after taking the $1,100 pill once a day for 12 weeks.
    I feel horrible. Every joint in my body hurts every day plus many more side effects I have to live with 14 months after treatment. I never ever had liver pain but since I took the hell drug, my liver hurts all the time.
    Most of my hair fell out.
    Not having hepatitis c doesn’t even matter. I feel so bad now, I would gladly take it back.
    Gilead, stop the lies and tell the truth about potential side effects, cancer, and even death from HARVONI!!!!

  • Gilead’s HARVONI drug cures Hep C then kills you with an aggressive form of heptocellular cancer that is untreatable and inoperable….Hep C doesn’t kill you as fast as this drug does…BEWARE.

  • Gilead is a poison selling, murdering company. They know their drug HARVONI is killing people and they could give 2 shits about the people that they are killing. They are only interested in the money they are making

  • Harvoni, Gileads Hep C drug, is killing people. It almost killed me had my GP not taken me off of it. One year later and I’m still having horrible side effects. I would’ve never taken that poison if their TV ads told the truth. People need to know the truth.
    There are many more like me and we too are working on a class action lawsuit.

    • Caused a blood clot which almost took my life. Better labeling is needed for those of us with clotting disorders. HCV CURE? yes, but with terrible long lasting side effects. I was better off before!

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