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Rise and shine, everyone. The middle of the week is upon us. Have heart, though. You made it this far, so why not hang on for another couple of days, yes? And what better way to make the time fly than to keep busy. So grab that cup of stimulation — our flavor today boasts the aroma of blueberries — and get started. Meanwhile, do keep us in mind if you hear anything interesting. Have a smashing day …

Daiichi Sankyo agreed to pay up to $300 million to settle 2,300 U.S. lawsuits accusing the drug maker of failing to warn that its Benicar blood pressure drug can cause gastrointestinal illness, Reuters reports. The drug was approved in 2002, but studies showed a link to intestinal problems. Daiichi Sankyo was required to change its label to include the warning in 2013. The company did not admit liability and expects insurers to cover the settlement.

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  • To quote our Scribe: “The $750,000 first-year cost of Spinraza, a Biogen drug for spinal muscular atrophy …” and now my comment “borders on the absurd.” Normally people bemoan military costs but this number struck me -that first year cost for only 2 people would replace one of the cruise missiles fired at Syria recently. Weapons may be absurdly expensive but so is this therapy. I think they should label it as “$pinraza” nd be honest about the whole thing. No need for 20% price hikes when you start ‘well above the stratosphere.’

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