ood morning, everyone, and nice to see you again after our annual summer break which, of course, went by all too quickly. But that is to be expected, yes? Of course, there is only one way to cope with re-entry and that is to quaff cups of stimulation. Feel free to join us. Meanwhile, here are some tidbits to help you along. Hope your day is smashing — and please remember to be careful if you gaze at the sun today. That eclipse is looming …

West Ward Pharmaceuticals, the U.S. division of Hikma (HIK), raised the price of six drugs this month by 75 percent to 430 percent, and the mean increase was 237 percent, The Financial Times reports. The average wholesale price of a 60ml bottle of Lomotil, a common diarrhea drug, went from about $16 a bottle to $84 — meaning a single dose of the 35-year-old medicine now works out at $14. Since 2004, the price of the product has gone up nearly tenfold.

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