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Good morning, one and all. Damian Garde here, filling in for Ed Silverman on the back half of another week laden with meetings, deadlines, and all the other sundry perils of working life. The plodding end of summer is winding to a close, taking with it the sluggish news cycles, muggy forecasts, and vacation auto-responses, and hopefully giving way to a tranquil autumn. Here’s your morning serving of headlines from the pharma world, wishing you a speedy path to the weekend. And if you hear anything interesting in the meantime, do drop us a line.

India’s plans for a crackdown on drug prices and pharmaceutical marketing have run into a legal roadblock, Reuters tells us. The nation’s Department of Pharmaceuticals had proposed a sweeping initiative that would cap prices for certain products, regulate how industry interacts with physicians, and ban brand names for some drugs. But India’s law ministry has now rejected the proposal outright, saying it cannot be implemented under current law and forcing reformers back to the drawing board after a two-year deliberation.

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