highly unusual deal in which Allergan (AGN) is selling patent rights to a Native American tribe is raising troubling questions about the future availability of lower-cost generics — just as prices for prescription medicines are hurting pocketbooks across the country more than ever before.

In a move that took onlookers by surprise, Allergan last Friday announced it will transfer patents for its big-selling Restasis eye drug to the St. Regis Mohawk tribe, which has sovereignty in the U.S. This means the tribe is immune from certain legal claims that generic drug makers typically use to challenge patents held by their brand-name rivals. Such a deal has never been undertaken previously by a drug maker.

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  • This is what is known as a Fraudulent Conveyance, and it will never stop a lawsuit. All it shows is how desperate Big Pharma is getting as it runs out of ways to gouge the US customer.

  • I just refilled a three-month supply of Restasis for a total cost of $1,255.86. For eye drops! This patent should have expired years ago, and yet here we are allowing Allergan to reap its record profits. It’s positively shameful.

    Is there anything I can do as a consumer besides write to the Senate (which I have done). The cost is prohibitive and unsustainable.

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