ello, everyone, and how are you today? We are just fine, thank you, especially with a shiny sun warming the oh-so-quiet Pharmalot campus. The short person has left for the local schoolhouse, the official mascots are snoozing in distant corners, and we are brewing more cups of stimulation in the coffee kettle. All of this means we are getting ready to attack the to-do list. No doubt, you can relate. So here are some tidbits to get you going. Hope you have a smashing day and do stay in touch …

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN) is cutting 20 percent of its workforce, or about 600 employees, as part of a reorganization to save $270 million in annual costs. The drug maker, which recently overhauled management, is moving to Boston from New Haven, Conn., but its research center will remain. Alexion, which is being investigated by authorities, was caught in a scandal in which employees were pressured to convince customers to order drugs to meet financial goals.

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