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A bipartisan group of 41 attorneys general are demanding information and documents from several drug makers and distributors as part of a large-scale probe into the role these companies may have played in the opioid crisis.

The move is the latest effort by local and state governments to strike at industry as opioid painkillers continue to be blamed for fueling addiction and crime, and serving as a bridge to a growing heroin trade. Every day, more than 40 Americans die from overdoses of opioid painkillers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And each year, 2 million people abuse or misuse the drugs.

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  • I have been prescribed opiods for pain, since my work related injury in 2002.
    The insurance com. has chosen this and denied any other treatment,except injections that did not work.
    Now I need surgery that I cannot afford for a stomach hernia.
    I was going through a program to get me off opiods, paid for by the insurance com. I was not told that.
    I thought the doctors were going to help me, by comforting insurance com. as to the severity of my injuries.
    The opiods only ever cut the pain. I have never abused them.
    I am just now finding out how dangerous they are to my body.
    Can you help? Information, recommendations, anything.

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