ubscribing to the notion that the best defense is a good offense, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is appealing directly to large swaths of the public not to believe claims made by Pfizer (PFE) in a lawsuit that the health care giant used illegal tactics to protect a best-selling drug.

In a missive posted on its web site late last week and addressed to patients, doctors, insurers, and employers, J&J argued that Pfizer is, essentially, whining about an inability to successfully capture market share for its biosimilar version of Remicade, a blockbuster treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.

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  • As I may have previously observed, the Pfizer approach seems mild compared to the J&J measures again Abbott for Humira, pre-AbbVie, some years ago. That is, at least, one person’s observation. I would be curious to see what “oii” (of happy memory) might think.

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