ood morning, everyone, and welcome to the middle of the week. You made it this far, so why not carry on? Our survival plan calls for quaffing a cup or three of delicious stimulation, which we will need as we prepare to quarterback a panel later today on business development. Wish us luck. Meanwhile, here are some items of interest to help you along in your own struggles. Hope your day is productive and, as always, keep in touch …

The day after President Trump accused drug makers of “getting away with murder,” these companies donated more money to political campaigns than they had on any other day in 2017 so far, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis of campaign spending. Eight pharma political action committees made 134 contributions, spread over 77 politicians, on March 21. They spent $279,400 in all to Republicans and Democrats in both legislative bodies.

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  • Once Trump accuses the industry of being war criminal profiteers, which was true in WW2, the dough will really start rolling in.

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