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In a blow to the pharmaceutical industry, California Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed a bill into law that requires drug makers to explain and justify price hikes, making this the latest state to actively address the high cost of medicines.

The bill, which was vociferously fought by the pharmaceutical industry, is set to become one of the more comprehensive state efforts to address pricing transparency.

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  • Ed,
    Hopefully this will come to a head and finally be resolved . And you know what your gonna say, ” Damn ! that Jeff Liberman was right !” Ed the manufacturers are correct, unless there is transparency from the PBM’s NOTHING will change!
    Don’t you see where the problem is ? I keep saying it over and over , It’s the PBM’s Ed !!!! Tell me, if the PBM’s have nothing to hide and are blaming the manufacturers for the high prices of drugs, then why is everything such a secret with the PBM’s ? The PBM’s need to be totally transparent. This will never happen because if they were they couldn’t steal from every possible direction ! Why wouldn’t a PBM tell they’re client how much they are paying pharmacies ?That’s because if they did that then they couldn’t steal the spread between those 2 amounts. These D.I.R fees that are imposed upon pharmacies, totally stealing and there are no laws to stop them from doing so.
    Remember these words Ed…. ” As soon as the PBM’s are totally transparent every party that’s complaining about the high price of drugs will start saying I can’t believe how much money we’re saving” Except the PBM’s of course !

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