oping to capitalize on consumer outrage, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals (IMMY) plans to sell a cheaper, compounded version of the Restasis dry-eye treatment that is sold by Allergan (AGN) and has been at the center of a widening controversy in recent weeks.

The company plans to sell its version for a fraction of the roughly $500 monthly cost for Restasis, which generated nearly $1.5 billion in sales last year, although may now face generic competition next year after a federal court judge last week invalidated several patents for the medicine.

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  • ‘Compounding’ or ‘Outsourcing Facility’ … interesting either way. BUT since you brought it up, how much did Turing actually/ever reduce ‘the usuriou$ price’ set by Mr ‘Pharma Bro’ …. if at all? “Promise$, promise$”

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