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Good morning, one and all. Damian Garde here, filling in for Ed Silverman in the middle of what for many of you will be a truncated workweek. Here’s hoping for a quiet handful of days as we wend toward another weekend. In those lulls, do share your thoughts — about biopharma’s future, Scott Gottlieb’s FDA, your own hiring plans, and more — in our STAT Plus subscriber survey. Below, as always, are some headlines to get your day started. And if you hear anything interesting, do let us know.

Canadian drug firm Concordia has raised the price of a thyroid drug by about 6,000 percent over the past decade, and regulators say the company has overcharged the U.K. by more than $100 million in the process, the Guardian reports. The U.K.’s competition authority alleges that Concordia used its monopoly on the drug, liothyronine, to bilk the government, threatening to fine the company as much as 10 percent of its annual revenue. Concordia claims the pricing was done “openly and transparently,” adding that it has made “significant investment” in the medicine over the past decade.

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  • Thanks for the fill-in Damien – will we see you tomorrow as well?
    May I also observe that the STAT Plus survey was a bit too intrusive for my taste, although I did complete it – in an unredacted fashion.

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