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Good morning, everyone. Damian Garde here, filling in for Ed Silverman in the midst of that holiday interregnum that pairs dwindling sunlight and vacations on the horizon to make the working week seem that much longer. We wish you speed and efficiency as you wend toward a winter break, and so here are your requisite tidbits of news to get your day moving in the right direction. As always, if you hear anything interesting, do let us know.

After months of fretting about the Affordable Care Act, Congress has shifted its focus to drug pricing, STAT tells us. Case in point: yesterday’s Senate committee hearing on Alex Azar, the former Eli Lilly (LLY) executive nominated to run the Department of Health and Human Services. Senators treated him to pointed questions about drug costs, which he conceded are “too high,” and even brought up Allergan’s recent patent deal with a Native American tribe.

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