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Rise and shine, everyone. The middle of the week is upon us. Have heart, though. You made it this far, so why not hang on for another couple of days, yes? And what better way to make the time fly than to keep busy. So grab that cup of stimulation — our flavor today boasts the aroma of blueberries — and get started. Meanwhile, do keep us in mind if you hear anything interesting. Have a smashing day …

Sanofi (SNY) will continue to seek a waiver for running a Phase 3 clinical trial in India for its dengue vaccine, citing “public health” as a reason to bring the Dengvaxia to market as soon as possible, The Economic Times reports. For the last two years, the drug maker has sought a waiver, but has not been able to convince regulators to clear the vaccine without the trials in the country. Sanofi submitted Phase 3 data from trials run in other countries.

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  • As a Victoza user I would say that Novo is in a lose lose situation. Whatever sales they gain from Ozempic (another example of Old Pharma’s compulsion to use Z’s in every product name) will be offset by the Victoza sales that will be cannabilized. Also seems like docs are underwhelmed by Victoza claim of ” cardio protection”.

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