op of the morning to you. Another busy day is unfolding here on the Pharmalot campus, where we are mulling over our cluttered calendar and plotting our next moves. No doubt, you can relate. After all, this is only the middle of the week and there is so much to be done. This calls, as you may imagine, for a hot cup of stimulation. We are enjoying peppermint mocha for now. Feel free, of course, to join us. Meanwhile, here are some tidbits. The world is a busy place, yes? Hope you make your way today …

Sanofi (SNY) acknowledged suffering from low uptake for a new cholesterol drug and concerns about a dengue vaccine, but expressed confidence its pipeline of new products would support long-term growth, Reuters reports. The drug maker, which is battling to contain the fallout from a safety row in the Philippines over its dengue vaccine, tried to buoy investors by pointing to nine regulatory submissions that should be filed in the next 18 months.

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