ood morning, everyone. STAT reporter Rebecca Robbins here, filling in from Pharmalot’s satellite campus in wintry Boston. As I gather your morning menu of pharma headlines, the much-feared weather phenomenon being called a bomb cyclone is approaching — and already beginning to make its presence known with a light dusting. How many inches of snow do you think it will bring? If you’re in the storm’s path, make sure to stay warm and safe. And do send us a note if you hear anything interesting in the world of pharma.

Medical groups that buy services from the U.K.’s national health system have received millions of pounds in undeclared payments, sponsorships, and gifts from drug makers and other private organizations, according to an investigation in the British Medical Journal. These groups are supposed to declare such payments, which experts worry can unduly sway prescribing patterns.

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  • There will be no big pharma m& a in 2018 because Trump sees that the price raiser that it is. Fuhgettabout it if Merck is involved after little Kenny Frazier quit his business council.

  • Thank-you for filling in, Rebecca – and it would seem your area will fare worse that the NY metro, or so they say?

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