reetings, everyone, and welcome to Friday. Andrew Joseph here filling in for Pharmalot himself, and doing our best to channel the man, the myth, the legend. As we turn our sights to the weekend, we dream of prescription-free naps, simmering pots of soup, and relaxing quaffs of both the stimulatory and adult varieties. But for now, there’s news to catch up on. Many of you are kicking back after basking in the annual biopharma bacchanalia in San Francisco, but don’t forget those of us still burning the oil on this final day of the week. (Programming note: Pharmalittle will be off for the Monday holiday and will return Tuesday.)

A plan in India to fight high drug prices is facing blowback from the country’s pharmaceutical industry, Bloomberg informs us. That’s left the Draft Pharmaceutical Policy, which was announced last summer, in limbo. The country’s Department of Pharmaceuticals was supposed to revise the proposal, but now it’s no longer expected to in the current government term.

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