ello, everyone, and how are you today? We are just fine, thank you, now that the Pharmalot campus has settled down. The short person successfully left for the local schoolhouse for another day of learning and the official mascots are happily snoozing in their respective corners. As for us, we are leafing through documents, scheduling calls, and, in general, foraging for interesting items. Speaking of which, here are a few to help you along on your own journey. Hope all goes well and do drop us a line when you hear something fascinating …

A Philippine government agency filed a lawsuit against Sanofi (SNY) demanding $81,600 in compensation for the parents of a 10-year-old girl who the agency claims had died as a result of receiving its dengue vaccine, Channel NewsAsia says. The Public Attorney’s Office maintains the girl should not have been vaccinated because a forensic examination showed she had a pre-existing disease, but the drug maker counters that it does not know of any deaths resulting from the vaccine, which can raise the risk of severe disease in people who were not exposed to the virus. Sanofi did agree to reimburse the Philippines $29 million for the cost of unused vaccine and conduct serotesting of the roughly 830,000 children who were vaccinated.

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