ello, everyone, and how are you this fine morning? We are just fine, thank you, especially as we watch a scenic snowfall turn the Pharmalot campus to a picture worthy of a postcard (remember those?). Meanwhile, the middle of the week has arrived, as you may know, so why not celebrate with a delicious cup of stimulation? After all, you made is this far, which is a likely sign of surviving another few days. And of course, no prescription is required, which is a good thing. And while you drink up, you can peruse some of the tidbits we have assembled to help you start the day. Hope you conquer the world and, as always, do keep in touch …

The Publix (PUSH) supermarket chain did an about-face and agreed to change its employee prescription plan to cover the HIV prevention drug Truvada, also known as PrEP, remedying an omission that doctors and gay rights groups complained was highly unusual, The Orlando Sentinel writes. A Publix employee who objected to the lack of coverage had been told the grocer usually does not company prescriptions to treat a condition a worker might get in the future, but the employee noted the retailer does cover birth control.

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