nd so, another working week will soon draw to a close. Not a moment too soon, yes? This is, you may recall, our treasured signal to daydream about weekend plans. Our agenda is exceedingly modest. We plan to catch up on some reading, take a few naps, promenade with the official mascots, and hang with our shortest person. And what about you? You could cozy up in front of the telly and watch the Winter Olympics. Take in a moving picture. Or look into reserving a seat for that military parade we have heard about. Well, whatever you do, have a grand time. But be safe. Enjoy, and see you soon …

The budget deal struck by Congress left out a bill that is designed to prevent brand-name drug makers from using delay tactics to prevent cheaper generic competitors from coming onto the market, The Hill points out. Specifically, the CREATES Act would allow generic companies to file suit against brand-name rivals that do not provide samples of medicines needed to compile applications for obtaining regulatory approval. The bill is one of the few drug pricing measures that has bipartisan support in Congress.

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