alk about burying bad news.

At an industry conference last summer, Collegium Pharmaceuticals (COLL) prominently touted the benefits of its Xtampza ER opioid painkiller with a striking display panel at its exhibit booth. The promotional tool sported a well-designed illustration in different colors and font sizes that conveyed an upbeat message for those attending the gathering of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists in Minneapolis.

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  • Ed, it’s Xtampza ER, not Xtamza ER. “tamp”, as in hard to tamper with. the blurb in today’s Stat+ email also contains this typo.
    It is harder to tamper with than OxyContin, but I guarantee that’s not why some insurers are covering it instead of OxyContin — it’s all about cost despite their attempt to turn it into positive PR.

    • Thanks, TW. Looks like the ‘p’ was dropped a couple of times. Thanks for noting that.
      And I agree with you that the cost is the issue. Collegium touted one of the first deals as value based, although details were skimpy.
      ed at pharmalot

  • And so OPDP is ‘on the board’ for 2018 with 1 letter posted. Will it exceed last year’s total of 5 letters posted (although we didn’t see the fifth until we were weeks into 2018.)

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