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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. We hope the weekend respite was invigorating and refreshing, because that oh-too-familiar routine of meetings, deadlines, and what-not has returned. You knew this would happen, yes? To cope, as always, we are looking forward to a few cups of stimulation, although our own routine is slightly modified due to meetings in the STAT world headquarters. Nonetheless, we will maintain our usual output and contact with you. On that note, here are a few tidbits to get you going. Hope you have a swell day and do keep in touch …

The U.K.’s National Health Service could recover up to $700 million from Pfizer (PFE) following a lengthy battle over the patent of its Lyrica painkillerThe Telegraph writes, citing this analysis. Pfizer obtained an additional patent protecting the drug as a pain treatment until July 2017, and argued generics would inevitably be used for the indication and infringe its patent. A court disagreed, but Pfizer is appealing. The NHS, meanwhile, has had to pay the brand price. If the final appeal fails, the NHS should be able to reclaim from Pfizer the money it would have saved by prescribing a generic version.

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