majority of shareholders in AmerisourceBergen (ABC), one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, rejected a proposal that would have required the company to report steps taken to manage the financial and reputational risks associated with the opioid crisis.

However, when subtracting shares held by insiders, including the Walgreen pharmacy chain that owns 26 percent of the stock, the proposal resonated widely. Sixty-two percent of independent shareholders voted in favor, according to Investors for Opioid Accountability, a coalition of socially minded institutional investors that submitted the proposal.

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  • It is extremely unfair to the American public that suffer from pain. I have a lateral hip tear with severe arthritis in my hip also. It is impossible for me to obtain pain relief, due to this crisis. Focus on the heroin getting into the country. Don’t force Americans to suffer who need it. Focus on bogus doctors. Don’t make the American public suffer in pain!!

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