ast July, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) asked several drug makers and wholesalers to provide various forms of information about the steps they have taken to mitigate the opioid epidemic. But one company, Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA), is “stonewalling,” as far as she is concerned.

Instead of turning over documents about monitoring suspicious orders — a key focus of her investigation — Teva responded with two brief letters describing those efforts. And in a second letter sent in October, Teva attorneys maintained the drug maker has been willing to discuss, “at a general level,” the information requested, but acknowledged the company “declined to produce the documents.”

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  • A question for our scribe – how much, if any, of TEVA’s opioid business arrived with the purchase of Allergan’s (nee Watson etc) generics business? One might wonder if that is the case, whether they even really know the answer / have the numbers?
    Could this be another case of the curse of a legacy business? This Observer (“079”) knoweth not and defers to the sage of Pharmalot.

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