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In a move that may spark another tussle with the pharmaceutical industry, the Chilean health minister has endorsed the idea of allowing the government to grant compulsory licenses for hepatitis C treatments, a step that was actively sought by lawmakers and patient advocates.

This comes in response to concern over rising prices, an issue that has prompted other cash-strapped governments to consider licenses in order to cover escalating costs. In Chile, the market price for Sovaldi, a Gilead Sciences (GILD) medicine that was the first in a new generation of treatments, is about $36,000 per patient, according to patient advocates.

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  • In Italy patients are allowed to purchase Sofosbuvir tablets For personal use only (not For resale) from abroad at far cheaper prices.In India thé price per box is less than $300 (you need 3 boxes For a treatment). Thé product is manufactured in India under a licence of thé patent holder.It is also manufactured in other countries.It would seem That, in Egypt, The industrial cost of a full treatment is around $280!!!!!! Hands.Vico

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