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Nearly a decade ago, numerous drug makers paid huge fines for various fraudulent practices, but a falloff that began a few years ago has since accelerated dramatically, according to an analysis by Public Citizen, the consumer advocacy group.

Pharmaceutical companies paid roughly $2.9 billion to settle 38 cases involving federal and state civil and criminal charges in 2016 and 2017. This was quite comparable to the $2.9 billion paid for 39 settlements covering the previous two-year period, but much less than the 117 settlements totaling $9.8 billion during 2012 and 2013.

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  • This is not a duplicate comment. The first comment involved an anti seizure drug. While the second comment deals with the Recent Discovery by Law Firms that a drug used to treat people in chemotherapy may have had negative effects. These are two separate comments-apparently the TRUTH hurts.

  • Perhaps the drug companies are paying fewer settlements. Unfortunately that does not mean that the drug companies have performed ANY MORE EFFICENTLY-THIS CAN BE PROVEN WITH LEGAL AND MEDICAL RECORDS. The use of a generic substitute for the Brand Name Depakote Extended Relief resulted in the PERMANENT DESTRUCTION OF MY PREVIOUSLY ESTABLISHED SEIZURE CONTROL AND THE RESULTING OF SLEEP SEIZURES WHICH I HAD NEVER HAD BEFORE. Then the drug which was used for chemotherapy treatments had long lasting side effects which-the cancer doctor, the radiologist, the primary care doctor, the neurologist, and the beautician were unable to explain. The use of this drug during chemotherapy treatments caused all my hair to fall out in back but the effect on the sides was minimal; when the treatments ended the hair grew back faster and thicker in back than on the sides, now there is a Class Action Law Suit regarding the use of this drug. Drug firms may not be paying settlements; but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t made serious mistakes during the past ten years-they just haven’t been required to pay for them. Linda Ennis-A victim of Pharmacology’s negligence.

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