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Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. There is already considerable movement here at the Pharmalot campus, where the short person successfully departed for the local schoolhouse, despite the usual last-minute hurdles and challenges. Such accomplishments call for a cup of stimulation, which is heating in the coffee kettle as we assemble this menu of tidbits for you. However, this is also the signal to get cracking. So on that note, we will wish you a splendid day and offer a reminder that we are happy to accept confidential documents and recordings …

Illinois lawmakers are considering a bill that would guard non-medical switching, which refers to an insurer changing coverage in the middle of a plan year, even though most plan participants are locked in, the Chicago Tribune tells us. The proposed bill would prohibit commercial health insurers from modifying coverage of a drug during the plan year if it has previously approved the drug for a medical condition. It would not prevent plans from requiring pharmacists to give generic substitutions or from adding new drugs for coverage.

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