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Most Americans believe the pharmaceutical industry has too much influence in Washington and wields more clout in the nation’s capital than Wall Street or the National Rifle Association, a new poll finds.

Specifically, 72 percent say drug makers hold sway over Washington, compared with 69 percent who believe Wall Street is too influential and 52 percent who report that the NRA has too much pull. Health insurers clocked in at 66 percent. Only large corporations ranked higher, at 76 percent, according to the poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.


Moreover, the jaundiced view of the pharmaceutical industry is bipartisan: 65 percent of Democrats believe drug makers have too much standing in Washington, while 74 percent of Republicans feel the same way, according to the poll, which queried more than 1,200 Americans earlier this month.

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  • Actually, it is the American Dental Association who has the most sway in Washington. And the deepest, longest, most fundamental conflicts of interest. Along with a free pass from the public, FDA and government officials, courtesy of the media. Not a winning combination for health.

  • How many people know that drug maker Glaxo Smith Kline secretly settles mass murder cases caused by their ‘anti-depressant’ drugs?

    Still think guns are the problem?

    Big Pharma Paid Millions In Secret Settlements After Antidepressants Linked To Mass Murder

    “According to reports, the first lawsuit involving a Paxil suicide case went to trial in 2001, and since then, GlaxoSmithKline has paid more than $390 million in settlements or verdicts for Paxil-related cases alone. If that is the price they are willing to pay, then the profit they are making off of the controversial drug must be incredible.

    While the cases mentioned are notable because they received significant media attention, there is still an overwhelming number of lawsuits that stemmed from cases in which pharmaceutical companies paid millions of dollars for failing to warn doctors that the antidepressants they were prescribing could drive patients to kill themselves and others.”

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